Cinco Banderas



I was very privileged to have 2 pieces juried into this amazing show. Oct. 2014





I took the above photo at Pensacola Lighthouse. Title- Logarithmic Spiral


IMG_1029 IMG_1031


I took this photo in New Orleans while at the One Direction concert with my daughter and grand-daughter. We were sitting pretty far up and I zoomed in on the screen and caught this shot.

Title: Hey


Poseidon-View From Avove




unnamed (1) unnamed


This piece of work titled “Poseidon” was juried into Artel Galley’s show “A View From Above”, January 13 to February 20, 2015.

This photo was taken while I was visiting my sister, Liz, in Savannah, Ga. We went to SCAD Museum of Art and in one of the rooms was a triptych. This is just a very small piece of it. The triptych reminded me of a giant aquarium that had so many things to look at you could never get enough of finding new pieces to look at each day.

The reason I chose to enter this piece is two-fold. I look at this piece and see all the sin that we have in life building up as it goes up the arm and then we dye and are reborn (baptism) all that sin is spit out (forgotten) and we begin a new life.

But since I want everyone to look at this piece and draw their own conclusions I just named it Poseidon from Greek mythology, “God of the Sea”.

One God is a myth and the other is truth.




CD itself


CD Package Design

Suzanne Vega-Stockings

The CD chosen for this design was Suzanne Vega’s Nine Objects of Desire. The song “Stockings” was picked to give the CD a whole new look.

The featured picture shows the cover of the CD package.

Above- CD itself

Below- Insert for Back cover



Coming soon- CD Booklet

She’s a TIGER!

Commercial Photography class project, Fashion Photography, Experimental Lighting.

Backgrounds were designed in Photoshop then projected onto subject.

Follies and art Exhibition

April 2012

Alexandria, LA