Fight the Fear

I have been tired for weeks which has caused me to have a lull in my painting. This is the time of year when I should have everything together and be ready for the holiday season. Well, it is just not happening. Nothing I paint looks right and I can’t seem to be inspired.

I will have to explain what I think started the whole problem I made a goal a few weeks ago to do a Painting a dAy. Since then I have been looking at tons of ideas for inspiration, should I do a theme or not, what size should they be, should I do a journal or not, etc… I think this brought on the Fear and reason am so tired or maybe just because I have not had a day off in months. Anyway my mind is usually going 90 miles an hour all the time with tons of things I want to paint and now nothing. Which is really scary when you live to paint and painting is a burning passion.

I took off yesterday and am not doing anything till Monday except relax and have fun with my painting, no fear, no time crunches, just having fun!😀😀

I received a book from Amazon a few weeks ago and decided to pull it out. It is Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley.

So I decided to read and see what might inspire me.

Here is what I did today in my journal for fun. Fight the Fear, just let go, you can do it, and have fun!😀😀

I really enjoyed painting today! Thanks so much Dina Wakley for inspiring me!