Fight the Fear

I have been tired for weeks which has caused me to have a lull in my painting. This is the time of year when I should have everything together and be ready for the holiday season. Well, it is just not happening. Nothing I paint looks right and I can’t seem to be inspired.

I will have to explain what I think started the whole problem I made a goal a few weeks ago to do a Painting a dAy. Since then I have been looking at tons of ideas for inspiration, should I do a theme or not, what size should they be, should I do a journal or not, etc… I think this brought on the Fear and reason am so tired or maybe just because I have not had a day off in months. Anyway my mind is usually going 90 miles an hour all the time with tons of things I want to paint and now nothing. Which is really scary when you live to paint and painting is a burning passion.

I took off yesterday and am not doing anything till Monday except relax and have fun with my painting, no fear, no time crunches, just having fun!😀😀

I received a book from Amazon a few weeks ago and decided to pull it out. It is Art Journal Courage by Dina Wakley.

So I decided to read and see what might inspire me.

Here is what I did today in my journal for fun. Fight the Fear, just let go, you can do it, and have fun!😀😀

I really enjoyed painting today! Thanks so much Dina Wakley for inspiring me!

Abstract Art on Canvas



Title: Fading Away

This is my first attempt at abstract and minimal art. This is a very difficult thing for me as I like lots of color and MORE! But at least I have attempted to try my hand at it. I meant this to be a woman’s face that you can barely see as she is fading away.  You can make out the lips in purple and the nostrils above. The hair on the right side is dripping and fading away.

But most people have told me they see a wave hitting a cliff. Big difference from what I see. LOL Well as they say, “Back to the drawing board.”