Hi! My name is Carol Loethen.  My whole live I have loved art and creating things.  I come from a small town in Louisiana, Bunkie, which I am sure most of you have never heard of. Anyway, I went to Catholic school and every day after school I had fun doing ceramics. I loved it. Coming from a family of 5 kids and with all of us taking ceramic classes believe me everyone we knew got ceramics for gifts for every occasion. I was always told in school how good I was in art, but I felt art was a hobby and not a career. Therefore when I attended college Art was just a minor for me. I worked for many years in retail and doing bookkeeping and accounting, but at the same time also painting, sewing, woodworking, polymer clay, and many other forms of art. While living in Louisiana my sister, Liz, became a jewelry designer. I fell in love with designing jewelry but since we both lived in Louisiana I did not want to compete against her.

I moved to Florida in 2003 and it was then that I decided to start designing jewelry. It has formed into a passion for me. I lost a husband in 2004 and my faith and my love of designing jewelry helped me through that dark time. I decided then that I wanted a career in art and have been working toward that goal.

I graduated from Pensacola State College with a GPA of 3.85 and degree in Graphic Design. I believe having this degree has enhance my skills as an artist. I also have taken several commercial photography classes. This is where I found out I also love, love, love photography. Since then everywhere I go my camera comes with me. My favorites are fashion photography, travel photography, food photography and beach photography. I belong to “The Wide Angle Photo Club”, where I just took on designing  their Facebook page and monthly newsletters for 2015.

Art is definitely my love and passion, thus my mind has hundreds of creative possibilities going on all the time. I have my own Business, ” Loethen Design”. I am a jewelry Designer. My jewelry is in small boutiques and I have been published in magazines. I belong to “The National League of American Pen Women”. These women inspire me and have been a big influence in me taking my art to the next level. I am a Graphic Designer and Illustrator. I sell my fashion illustrations and Facebook cover designs on ETSY. As a Graphic Designer I my clients have required magazine design, cd designs for a Nashville artist, Social Media for Real Estate agents and many other clients. I am a Photographer. My photography has been published in magazines and I have been in several juried art shows.  I design what I love,and wear my jewelry designs.  I did learn that I cannot become attached to them though if I want to pay the bills..:). My designs are unique and unusual. Each photograph and illustration is an expression of me. I hope you will enjoy my jewelry, graphic designs, illustrations, and photography as much as I enjoy them.

I you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail me at loethendesign@gmail.com.


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